natural by Mary Graham

Nowadays, in different industries we all assist in the use and abuse of the term "natural". In the cosmetics industry mainly it's easy to fall into this kind of abuse. In fact, it is known that in this field the amount of natural elements necessary to classified a product as a natural one is just the 1%; reached this level, a product is labeled as natural. In this context, Mary Graham, a graphic designer based in London, creates a series of eyelashes, 100% natural.In her body art project called "natural", Mary uses foliage, eggs and snow in order to reinterpret the concept of natural and pure cosmetics by using raw and natural materials from local forests. A merge of eggs and snow formed the glue to attach the natural eyelashes to the eyelid, while the foliage has been used to create the lashes, as seen in pictures. The process to create a eyelash took an hour, demonstrating that a lot of time is needed to make completely and 100% natural outcomes.

This project is now perceived as a starting point for other upcoming projects: in the next one Mary will deal with fake tan, elaborating some recipes to achieve her goals.