Bleach by Arno de Pooter

Have you ever felt, while walking through your own city or a place that you know more than very well, that unusual and almost disquieting calm? A few days ago, this situation happened to me, that commonly called "calm before the storm".
I was walking through the main square of my city, in a very hot day. Due to the intolerable heat, I felt tired and weak in the middle of this square, which is usually crowded, but that day I felt alone even if a few people were there, and there was something strange in the air... like too much calm, as something absurd was around the corner. Arno de Pooter expresses that feeling in his series Bleach.
When looking at his pictures we are projected in a scene of a place in which the calm reigns, forgetting the usual mess. This sensation is probably driven by the construction of each image of the series, in which there're a few elements in a strong saturated color, roll up in a smooth light surrounded by minimal environments.
When I saw Bleach, I felt that surreal calm evoked in the pictures and a strange mix of sensations came up.