natural by Mary Graham

Nowadays, in different industries we all assist in the use and abuse of the term "natural". In the cosmetics industry mainly it's easy to fall into this kind of abuse. In fact, it is known that in this field the amount of natural elements necessary to classified a product as a natural one is just the 1%; reached this level, a product is labeled as natural. In this context, Mary Graham, a graphic designer based in London, creates a series of eyelashes, 100% natural.

Tiny PMS Match by Inka Mathew

While surfing the web, looking for inspiration and new interesting projects on different online platforms, I bumped into Inka Mathew's visual project, called Tiny PMS Match, which develops day after day. Inka Mathew is a graphic designer that approximately two years ago started her visual project which involves daily life objects and Pantone's colors.

A talk with... Miriam Vile

A few months ago I spent an afternoon at Miriam's place, the place where the jewel maker conceives her tiny creations. Miriam is a young and cheerful woman who's making her own business thanks to her passion for used objects. She lives in a small but inspiration filled home - I immediately fell in love with that place! - that really represents her.