This year's Milan Design Week I had the opportunity to come back to Henrytimi's showroom for the third time, and it has been as enchanting as always.
I'm so in love with their exhibition space, that when I go there, I usually spend quite a lot of time going around the rooms observing and touching the materials they use.
This time, the team has worked, developed and presented three new kitchen concepts, which are characterized by a meticulous use of wood, lava stone and metal including the concept of hidden technology and functionality. They have an incredible ability to create a kind of new world, in which their creations express all their majesty, beauty and finesse at the same time.
A lot of attention has been payed to the materials selected: the wood used for a kitchen has been cut and positioned manually, as well as the kitchen made out of lava stone, carved entirely by hand.

These and many others are characteristics that differentiate Henrytimi's work by other more conventional products, and while in the showroom, you can really feel the passion and the research process hidden in every single object presented: from the more complex kitchen to the tiny bottle of perfume.


Photos: Laura K. Inserra & Omar Elabed