Filippo Mambretti from Mambrò Design Studio

At the beginning of September we met Filippo Mambretti at his home studio located in Chiasso, Switzerland, where we had the chance to spend some time with him. In his online biography we read "I believe that design is nothing more than a mirror of society's desires, and my vision of contemporary design is a balanced fusion of aesthetics, function, technology and emotion." On this basis, we talked about his more recent projects and collaborations, focusing on his perception of design.

Edward Honaker

In the history of art, strong emotions and feelings usually are key elements which incite the production of art. Well known artists, guided by their moods and sensations, have been Edvard Munch and Van Gogh. Closer to our days, a very young photographer created a series of pictures showing his depressive and anxious state: that's the case of Edward Honaker, a twentyone years old photographer.

Naro Pinosa's collages

Scrolling through the posts published on, you may probably notice my passion for collages; they have a fascinating power on me, close to hypnosis. During my daily researches on the web and browsing through an amount of Instagram accounts, I found Naro Pinosa's collages.

natural by Mary Graham

Nowadays, in different industries we all assist in the use and abuse of the term "natural". In the cosmetics industry mainly it's easy to fall into this kind of abuse. In fact, it is known that in this field the amount of natural elements necessary to classified a product as a natural one is just the 1%; reached this level, a product is labeled as natural. In this context, Mary Graham, a graphic designer based in London, creates a series of eyelashes, 100% natural.

Tiny PMS Match by Inka Mathew

While surfing the web, looking for inspiration and new interesting projects on different online platforms, I bumped into Inka Mathew's visual project, called Tiny PMS Match, which develops day after day. Inka Mathew is a graphic designer that approximately two years ago started her visual project which involves daily life objects and Pantone's colors.

A talk with... Miriam Vile

A few months ago I spent an afternoon at Miriam's place, the place where the jewel maker conceives her tiny creations. Miriam is a young and cheerful woman who's making her own business thanks to her passion for used objects. She lives in a small but inspiration filled home - I immediately fell in love with that place! - that really represents her.

Milan Design Week 2015

Tomorrow will officially begin a new edition of the Design Week in Milan! From Tuesday to Sunday the city will focus on design and other fields involved in it. Almost each neighbourhood of Milan will offer something to see, try, taste and that will inspire every curious minds - such as Brera Design District, Ventura-Lambrate, Tortona and so on.