goodbye 2014, welcome 2015

Here we are, once again. Talking about the year which is close to its end it's not always as easy as it seems to be. It sounds a little bit odd, but at the same time today is a great opportunity - for everyone - to make a recap of 2014 and everything related to this year. Emotions, satisfactions, new beginnings and something that finished: in one year a lot of things may change, in a good way hopefully.
In my point of view, 2014 has been once again a year of discoveries. I had the opportunity and the courage to discover, day after day, my city and people who made it alive. I met new people, some of them very interesting, a kind of gems, and new friends.
I started a project that hopefully will bring me to the world that I admire most: the world of art. I'm close to the end of my studies - hallelujah - I'm writing my thesis and, I have to admit that, I'm a bit scared.
During the last period of 2014 I've sometimes overlooked the blog, and I'm so sorry for that, and I apologise if some of you had to wait for a reply.

2015 will be characterised by the conclusion of some chapters in my life and, more exciting, the beginning of new ones! I'll have more time to dedicate to and its development. I have many ideas and projects in my mind right now, and a white Moleskine where I keep track of them: some collaborations, articles, and a new look for the blog.

I hope that everyone has strong hopes and desires for the coming year, and I want to encourage you to go straight to the point, and give birth to your wishes. Stay alive, and do what you love.