Introverso2_marble vase by Paolo Ulian & Moreno Ratti

Introverso2_marble vase is one of the latest work of the duo Moreno Ratti and Paolo Ulian, a vase with a dual soul and personality: a duality expressed through two different forms and textures.
The first silhouette, which is made by a series of horizontal spaces that create a rhythmic pattern, is at the same time strong and durable - because of the material used: marble - and delicate due to the thin lines and spaces that create the pattern. The second, on the contrary, is hidden in the interior and it's your task to bring it out... doing so, you're partially the artist involved in the process. You may decide to maintain the original shape or to create your own, using a hammer to break the slats of marble.

Moreno Ratti & Paolo Ulian