Edo Bertoglio: Ringflash

On Wednesday I had the chance to go to the preview of Edo Bertoglio: Ringflash exhibition in Lugano at the Cortesi Contemporary art gallery. Ringflash has the aim to tell the story of Bertoglio's work, showing his evolution, both professional and personal, focusing on different identities and characters of different women through the years.
This time Edo Bertoglio exhibits some of his portraits: some are part of the well known series Figurines, taken during the '70 and '80 while Bertoglio was in New York; this is an extraordinary collection of portraits featuring icons from the punk new-wave scene of the big apple. The others are from a more recent series, Ladies, made in Switzerland between 2010-2011 showing the natural beauty and purity of women of today.

“Over 35 years have gone by, but his chosen subject remains the same. By observing the lineaments, expressions, and permutations of the female face, Edo Bertoglio has borne witness to his era and told his own story. In his portraits of young urban idols of the late Seventies and early Eighties, and later, in those of the more mature, self-aware women he has photographed in recent years, one finds a fascination with identity that has evolved through the stages of a life spent in Paris, London, and New York. It is a full immersion in the magic and mores of the different generations, cultures, and scenes that the Swiss-born photographer has documented in his pictures”, writes Mariuccia Casadio, curator of the catalogue, in her introduction.


Photos: Omar Elabed