henrytimi at Design Week in Milan

Yesterday was the last day of the Design Week in Milan, so now is the time of wrapping up all the impressions, ideas and inspirations I had during that great week.
As last year, and honestly I had no doubt, my favorite place has been the henrytimi studio, a place where black and white complete each other, where minimal is the keyword. Once again I had a great experience in this place, touching the furniture and the different materials they use, paying attention to every single detail. I love everything of this place: the location, the feelings, the pieces of art they exhibit (yes, pieces of art: in my opinion they're not showing only furniture, but real artworks and sculptures sometimes) and the mood of the whole place.
This year the main theme seems to be the hidden technology. In fact, in most of their rooms there are kitchens or other accessories hidden in precious geometries, covered with fine materials.

I have to admit something: when I came in I had another big crush, and this place moved me too, and again.


Photos: Laura K. Inserra and Omar Elabed