Phillip Stearns

An artist working with electronics and electronic media, based in Brooklyn, NY

I've never seen someone, in this case an artist, exploring the world of art using electrical discharge. Looking at the pictures and at some video that you can easily find on vimeo or other platforms (I added one of them at the end of this post) I immediately felt in love. This sounds to me like an innovative way to explore the arts, whether you made it through techniques, materials, approaches and so on.
Another crush for me, Phillip's work is something that I'll hardly forget!
In his work the main point is the idea of using the camera as an extension of the eye, exploring similarities with cells in the retina. In a certain way, the visual result is similar to capillaries in the human being.
The usage of this technique, in my opinion, is synonymous of deep knowledge and capability, which is often what makes the difference in the vast world of art.

I strongly suggest you to see the video below, in order to better understand Phillip's process, and also because it is able to open your mind thinking at the immensity of possibility that more or less everyone can use and try.

"Retinal Pigment Epithelium..." Process Documentation 2013 Phillip Stearns from Phillip Stearns on Vimeo.