The London-based artist John Leigh, better known as Karborn, combines digital processes with organic elements, giving birth to his dynamic mixed media works.
He creates artworks in which "beauty and disorder interact with his understanding of reality and the world"; himself describes his work as "Machine's execution. Dedicated to beauty and concept."

Looking through an interview for NeverLazy Magazine, he also describes where the inspiration comes from: "Lost and found pieces of film, gifs, your silhouette, my gold, that neckline, their swagger, her smile when the arm of the tree momentarily obscures her face, Klimt, Viola, Man Ray. The so-called realities we have unimaginatively constructed and burdened this world with, the wonderful ideas I see all around me."

Karborn, as he said, not a digital artist, not an illustrator, an artist. the-long-hard-road.