goodbye 2014, welcome 2015

Here we are, once again. Talking about the year which is close to its end it's not always as easy as it seems to be. It sounds a little bit odd, but at the same time today is a great opportunity - for everyone - to make a recap of 2014 and everything related to this year. Emotions, satisfactions, new beginnings and something that finished: in one year a lot of things may change, in a good way hopefully.

Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati's collection

The 23rd of September the incredible spazio -1 - 1200m2 of inspirations and reflections about art - has reopened to the public, and it'll be until the 7th of December. In this place, that in my opinion reminds of an area in the Tate Modern in London, is exhibited, since a couple of years now, the enviable collection of Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati. A new season has therefore began, but this time also in PINK.

slum vacation by Phil America

Today I'll talk about a project that really touched me: it's a work by Phil America, a young American artist who is able to give us a different view of things, thanks to his experience around the world. Phil is a young man who has lived and worked throughout the US, Asia, Africa and Europe, and this, in my opinion, is a sign of will to discover, and a great opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and places, and the people that populate these places.

Iréel by Flora Borsi

Flora Borsi, in her series called Iréel, mixed photographic elements with painting techniques, combined by the idea of hyperrealistic artworks: a painter that operate in the hyperrealistic field aims to achieve a result which looks like a real photography. She used both techniques, but not as usual; she applied some color effects, skin retouch and adjusted the contrast.

Peggy Guggenheim Café by Hangar Design Group

During the last edition of the Design Week in Milan I had the pleasure to see some projects signed HDG: Hangar Design Group. The object that struck me and excited me the most has been the lighting system made for the new café and restaurant of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection (you can see the older post here), and today here we are again talking about this project and place.

La poetica dell'enigma nella pittura metafisica - tra Futurismo e Surrealismo il movimento italiano

Giorgio De Chirico, Le Muse Inquietanti, 1917

La pittura metafisica è un grande movimento artistico proveniente dall’Italia che ha caratterizzato il panorama delle discipline figurative a partire dai primi anni del Novecento. Parallelo al Futurismo, ma in opposizione ad esso e alle correnti francesi come l’Impressionismo, a prima vista potrebbe sembrare l’inizio del Surrealismo.

“machines have less problems, I’d like to be a machine” - La serialità nell’opera di Andy Warhol


Il percorso artistico di Andy Warhol (1930-1987) non è banale come può sembrare. Alcuni lo considerano un artista vuoto, che non offre alcun tipo di valore aggiunto a ciò che ha creato. In realtà, a mio avviso, la sua evoluzione è stata molto interessante e in stretto legame con la società che lo circondava.