Ed Spence

"Using a knife and a ruler I dissect the information within the image. The hand-generated pixels are reorganized resulting in an abstraction of the original image. The colour information is reinterpreted and presented in an alternative configuration."
In my latest posts I mainly share artists who use the collage as main technique. I'm rediscovering this approach of making art, and I have to admit that I'm loving it more and more, post after post.
This is probably one of the "easily" and primary technique of making art, which require patience and great inventive in the act of reorganize images or create something completely new, never seen before, using materials quite similar (I mean, is always paper, more or less).
When I was in the art high school, I used to make some collages, or mixing paper and black ink creating some new images (I have to check, but I probably have some of these old works).

This project made by Ed Spence has particularly fascinated me for the double composition present in each image. He seems to create two versions of the same images, simply showing two different points of view or aspects.
What are your opinions?