Alexander McQueen and Damien Hirst - a scarf collection

Born from the collaboration between the british artist Damien Hirst and the fashion brand Alexander McQueen, this series of 30 limited edition scarves, celebrate the 10th anniversary of british design house Alexander McQueen's iconic skull scarf.

Available from today, the patterns have been adapted from a Hirst's work made in 2009: the large scale painting were composed of butterflies, spiders and other insect species creating a kaleidoscopic and geometric shapes.
Everything is following the layout of McQueen's signature skull image, emblem of his brand.

This collaboration is focused on the aesthetic vision of the artist and designer, in which symmetry and references to natural history and the environment are important parts od their creative vision.

In my opinion, the result is perfect: combination of forms and colors, and an unique pattern are distinctive of this great collaboration. Moreover, is a great example of how art and fashion are close to each other, showing a strong relation.