iittala's apartment

The famous brand Iittala has found its place! This is the new showroom in Stockholm completely dedicated to one of my favorite nordic brand. Looking at the pictures you can get inspired by some details and unusual elements such as trees in the kitchen and the silhouette of Leimu, a new lamp created by the brand, that seems to be a big glass of wine painted in the living room.

The apartment is in a certain way well representing the area in which it is located: Södermalm, where the apartment is, is one of the most "alternative" areas of the city where is so easy to find vintage shops and cute bars where drink a good coffee (I went there a couple of years ago, and believe me, it's so inspiring and full of life).
Iittala's showroom is full of great ideas in order to organize your place differently. It is focused on the good appearance of objects, while paying attention to some nordic designers such as Alvar Aalto and his famous chair.
I'd like to have a place like this!