Fishpond City

1500 goldfishes, 56 glass boxes and 1:60 scale are the numbers of Fishpond City. Born by the collaboration between Raoul Bukor, Christian Lindle and Lu Yang, this installation is the reflection of the rapid urban development in central China. The installation is a 1:60 scale model of a nearby construction site near the capital of Shaanxi.

Fishpond City focuses on the ambiance and living quality within a dense urban context, paying attention also to the contrast between old and new architecture due to the building boom in that region. Goldfishes are an important element to fully understand the installation: they are a key factor in the chinese culture, they are the identity of this country, symbolizing luck, prosperity and fertility, represented here as humdrum city inhabitants.
This has to be seen as a different interpretation and perspective of the rapid development.