failed memory by david szauder

David Szauder's latest series Failed memory is based on the parallels the artist sees between digital memory and human memory. These two types of memories are getting closer to each other, until they merge.

These images could be analyzed as a representation of our society, increasingly influenced by the digital world, but this is also a need nowadays. As the artist said, the distortions of part of the bodies are strongly related to their context: the habit of drink champagne, having bubbles all around, or having too theorical discussions with friends.

What do you think about this series?
“One day she wasnt able to drink water anymore, just champagne. But from the bubbles which is highly consists in the chaimpgne she become paranoid.”
“It was his war or her fiances war, doesnt matter right now, because he didnt come back anymore.”
“These friends discussed Metaphysics all that afternoon, the discussion was too theoretical, so their memory was modified in a physical way.”
“He was a solid, well situated simple man. He went to church every day, when it was necessary. But one day he realised that he has doubts. “