abilità esecutiva e distaccata ironia in ceramica - Bertozzi&Casoni: un lungo percorso insieme

Lavori interamente fatti in ceramica, materiale che richiede grande cura ed abilità d'uso, non sono comuni come la pittura nel mondo delle arti. Bertozzi&Casoni, società fondata nel 1980 da due artisti italiani, basa tutto il suo lavoro sull'utilizzo di questa materia tanto bella quanto delicata.

La memoria per non dimenticare - racconto de l'AM

Andando verso Gentilino la curiosità aumenta passo dopo passo. Ho sentito parlare tanto di questo evento che unisce arte, musica ed editoria al profondo tema della memoria, e fin da subito mi è sembrato promettere bene.
Davanti a Villa Ambrosetti c’era un gran andirivieni di persone che entravano e uscivano - elemento che mi ha fatto fin da subito intendere che si trattava di un evento che è stato capace di coinvolgere ed incuriosire tante persone, di differenti età ed interessi, diverse tra loro.

iittala's apartment

The famous brand Iittala has found its place! This is the new showroom in Stockholm completely dedicated to one of my favorite nordic brand. Looking at the pictures you can get inspired by some details and unusual elements such as trees in the kitchen and the silhouette of Leimu, a new lamp created by the brand, that seems to be a big glass of wine painted in the living room.

from the knees of my nose to the belly of my toes by alex chinneck

Alex Chinneck, a British artist, gave life to an old house that has been abandoned for 11 years, creating a new facade with the appearance that is just slipped down.
The most interesting point of this artwork is that is born thank to a completely new collaboration between the artist and some british industries, using donated materials and professional services by more or less ten companies.
It is absolutely better to see a house like this instead of a decadent..isn't it?

Fishpond City

1500 goldfishes, 56 glass boxes and 1:60 scale are the numbers of Fishpond City. Born by the collaboration between Raoul Bukor, Christian Lindle and Lu Yang, this installation is the reflection of the rapid urban development in central China. The installation is a 1:60 scale model of a nearby construction site near the capital of Shaanxi.

Heather Hansen and her kinetic art

"Emptied Gestures is an experiment in kinetic drawing. In this series I am exploring ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another."

Heather Hansen is an artist that managed to find his own way to narrate the movements of the body by capturing it on paper canvasses. In fact, in this series she combines visual art and dance, creating images characterized by a strong sense of energy, as if a process full of feelings and emotions have been transferred to paper.
The way she prepare the space and the importance of the usage of her body reminds me Jackson Pollock, one of the most famous artist of action painting. Can you also notice this similarity?