Sunday inspiration

In this rainy Sunday I want to propose you some home-inspirations that can make your Sunday comfy and relaxing as never before. During my daily "adventures" in the web, I found these incredible pictures of a gorgeous home: it's all about light tones of colors and wood, with cotton details. Personally, I really love this kind of combination, and looking at these pictures I can feel the sensation of walking in barefoot on that wooden floor, have a break while drinking a cup of coffee while sitting in the chair and looking through the window and then, a quick nap in the most inviting bed!
This could be one of my dream home.


Jose Romussi, a Berlin based artist, takes pictures form old fashion magazines and elaborates them using colorful forms. Doing this, he reinterprets the old beauty adding mysterious elements.
With this project, his aim is to invite the viewer to experience his own aesthetic concept. This is what NEWSERIE is. The other series with which I completely felt in love is STRING-FIGURES. Using a similar technique as before, this time the artist is writing on the images, creating sometimes images (such as the London Underground map) or sentences as seen in the first picture of the series.
Aren't these great works/projects? What are your opinions?

outside the lines - coloring book for creatives of all ages

Outside the lines is a new and  funny coloring book, born thanks to the collaboration with over 100 contemporary artists and their works (more or less 100 too). All the content is from designers, illustrators, photographers, musicians, and so on. The high variety of artists and their works gave to the user a 360° view of how they interpret a coloring book, and how the want to fit it. This book is full of creativity in each page.
You just have to color the images as you prefer.. I'd like to have one of these coloring book, wouldn't you? 

Cloud Pink by Everyware (Hyunwoo Bang and Yunsil Heo)

For those who, like me, love clouds, this installation is like a dream. Looking at the video (that you can find at bottom of the page) I imagine myself interacting with the screen that creates clouds.
It is easy: touch the pink clouds.
The magical result is made possible thanks to the background and the great capabilities of the artists, who mixed Design & Media Arts with some Aerospace Engineering knowledges. This is a great example of how technologies and art can easily match together creating breathtaking results.

Ludovic Fesson and his landart

A few elements are used to create these incredible artworks. Just water as a mirror, sticks, branches and everything else that Ludovic Fesson finds beside the water. Aiming to a feeling of loss of references for the viewer, his sculptures are drawing a line between reality and reflections.

Looking at these picture, what comes to my mind are some artworks of the great Salvador Dalì (such as swans that generate elephants). The process and the idea behind the work seems to be similar, isn't it?

A gif per day - Scorpion Dagger by James Kerr

James Kerr, the creator of Scorpion Dagger, started his amazing project with the intention to make a gif per day for one year. The project has so many different meanings for him, but moreover he want to share his own vision of the world while inspiring people to look at art differently.
Himself doesn't know exactly what Scorpion Dagger is, but he's trying to work out what its essence is.

the best idea! the living cube

"I moved into an apartment studio without storage room. So I made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, clothes and shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space. A house is not really flexibly but we can re-think the space and forniture inside. I believe useful forniture must be adapted to the needs of the user."

Solar Bell by Tomas Saraceno

Do you remember when I wrote for the first time about Tomas Saraceno? It was my first article, so this is the reason why I'm in love with him - and of course, also because I really LOVE all his projects and his ideas.

Now is the time of Solar Bell, the latest project of Saraceno, which is an aerial wind sculpture which examines his vision for the future of flying architecture. The structure of Solar Bell is lighter than air, and as all the other projects, it is built using the latest technologies in the field of sustainable energy.

Saraceno imagines as the final result a structure of 60 meters high, a flying building where people can sit or stand on.
As always, the argentinian artist is making us dreaming.