screen lovers

Screen Lovers is a project created by Eli Carven, an American artist whose work explores the role of images in processes of socialization through photography, sculpture and collage. This project has been made using iconic couples movies.
"As I looked through them, I really wanted to see them come together, touch lips, make love, whatever comes next, so I started folding them into one another."

The Art Toast project

How did the Art Toast project start?
I started doing "regular" food art first, animals and cartoon characters and such. Then I thought it would be fun to explore my interest for modern art using food as the medium. I often use word play as a source of inspiration, so this was based on the literal interpretation of "food art".

Art Toast project is a work of Norwegian culinary innovator Ida Frosk.

John De Andrea e le sculture iperrealiste - Nei corpi immobili, il fascino e la sicurezza nascondono fragilità e insicurezza

Alla fine degli anni ’60, negli Stati Uniti, emerge una tendenza alla rappresentazione del reale sia nella pittura che nella scultura. Fino agli anni ’70 ci sarà il movimento iperrealista, conosciuto anche come fotorealismo. In questi anni non si intendono più queste forme d’arte come diretta e personale espressione dell’artista, ma si tratta di un approccio estremamente freddo e distaccato nel trasmettere emozioni e sentimenti che, nelle opere, non vengono minimamente accennati.


In these last months is happening to me to look at something and immediately I think at the pattern and the geometrical structure behind it.
Just looking at these pictures, I can see some of my favorite necklaces, all from Topshop (the best store ever!!!). I like how these object are made, the structure that create them and the impact and effect that they have on me and others. It's incredible.
What really fascinated me is the idea that someone, years ago, studied in the smallest detail how to create perfectly the object, which can be a jewelry, a building, and so on.

Ready to go!

Hi everybody! I'm writing from my phone, this is because in a few hours I will be in London! Yeey
So, in these days take a look at my Instagram and twitter profile for some pictures and news ;)



Today a new week begins; this will be a week full of emotions and good feelings, specially because in two days I will be back in London! (finally) It's always a pleasure to come back and I'm looking forward to leaving my home and go there for a couple of days.
Today's post shows you some pictures of breakfasts that I made in the last months: each of them remember me something good which is related with what London means for me.