Up Coffee Table

 Up coffee table is the new object designed by Christopher Duffy.
Looking at this table you will have the impression that the glass is suspended by some gold balloons.
This is a limited edition, in fact there are only twenty pieces of it, completely handmade in the uk - amazing.

BE ORIGINAL - Elle decor Italia

 BE ORIGINAL is a project created by Elle Decor Italia, made for save the real designand its industry, which is still “under pressure” by the fake pieces of design that we can easily find in the e-commerce for cheaper prices and other benefits.
To solve this problem we have to invest in communication, we have to transmit the real value of having a real piece of design in our living room. In this case the famous motto“Less is more” is perfect! It is better to have less real objects than lots of fake pieces of art/design (including clothes and accessories).